Thank you, truly, I couldn't do these procedures on my own.
-A former sheltered woman, referring to the legal support services.
Merci beaucoup pour le soutien indéfectible et l'accompagnement offert par les services en immigration. Je n'ai pas assez de mots pour pouvoir exprimer les bienfaits de ce programme dans la vie des femmes victimes de violence conjugale et les demandeuses d'asile. Merci à Mme Arianne d'avoir pensé à mettre ce service d'accompagnement pour nous, les femmes victimes de violence conjugale et demandeuse d'asile de Nouvelle-Étape. Merci à toute l'équipe
- A former sheltered woman
With your help, I was able to empower myself and do all the procedures I needed to do. You have helped me a lot in my processus to regain control of my life.
- A former sheltered woman
Nouvelle-Étape is more than a shelter. I was admitted to Nouvelle-Étape as an asylum seeker and I had psychosocial support, support in my immigration legal procedures. I also had access to activities for my children. You have continued to help me after I left Nouvelle-Étape and I really appreciate that.
- A former sheltered woman
I enjoyed the activities. I feel confident. It taught me a lot about domestic violence.
- A former women shelter resident, referring to the activities offered at Nouvelle-Étape, including the domestic violence support groups .